My Top 10 Intrapreneurship Blog Posts of 2011

In these challenging economic times, when companies are facing increasing and ever more aggressive competition, resources are becoming harder to attain and maneuver, and customers and markets are more fluid and dynamic than ever before, you can’t help but sense a resurgence of intrapreneurial proponents and practitioners. This year has seen a renewed commentary around the subject of intrapreneurship, as businesses look to harness innovation and leadership from within to stimulate and drive growth; whilst employees seek to add value and build their personal brands. I’d therefore like to share the top 10 blog posts that I feel have helped to promote and elucidate the discipline of intrapreneurship:

1. Richard Branson on Intrapreneurs – Richard Branson,

The poster-boy for entrepreneurs everywhere recognises the role and importance of intrapreneurs to drive new directions for businesses’ and how this fosters growth.

2. The Skills Necessary To Be A Successful ‘Intrapreneur’ (Corporate Entrepreneur) – Lisa Quast, Forbes

Outlines the characteristics and skills necessary for becoming a successful intrapreneur based on a study by Ernst & Young.

3. Rise of the ‘Intrapreneur‘ – James Adonis, The Sydney Morning Herald

Interesting insights into intrapreneurship through an interview with Gifford Pinchot, the original advocate of the concept, looking at how companies should embrace intrapreneurs and the importance for intrapreneurs themselves to identify sponsors within the business.

4. Innovating From Within – Ben Lobel,

Demonstrates how companies are empowering staff at all levels to contribute and champion ideas and strategies through stimulating creativity and innovation.

5. Five Lessons From An Entrepreneur Turned Intrapreneur – Jeff Certain, Under30CEO

Insights and lessons learned in how to position yourself and operate as an intrapreneur from someone who’s been there.

6. Top 10 Challenges of Intrapreneurship – Yaniv Nizan

Yaniv does a great job of identifying and highlighting some of the challenges facing intrapreneurs, and provides perspectives on how to address these.

7. Internal Entrepreneurs – Alignment – Susan Foley, Corporate Entrepreneurs

Explores the notion that internal entrepreneurs are in alignment with who they are, not what the organisation wants them to be; this sets them apart and allows them to see new opportunities, come up with creative solutions and find innovative ways to accelerate growth.

8. The Importance of Insight – The Garage Group

“If you want your idea, venture, product, service, project to be successful, it must be well positioned to solve a problem, seize an opportunity or create unexpected delight. Finding the problem to solve, the opportunity to seize or the delight to create then becomes a clear task for any intrapreneur.”

9. In Defense of the Intrapreneur – Trevor Orsztynowicz,

An impassioned rebuttal to criticisms of intrapreneurial behaviour which in turn presents clear attributes of and benefits to acting as an intrapreneur.

10. 10 Tips For Intrapreneurs – James Gardner, Innovation Excellence

Quick hit guiding principles for operating as an intrapreneur.


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3 Responses to “My Top 10 Intrapreneurship Blog Posts of 2011”
  1. Hi John,

    This is really useful and thank you. I especially like how intrapreneurs is gaining some traction in so many companies these days.

    As a serial entrepreneur and one that teaches intrapreneurism, I get excited to see so many finally “getting it”.

    Keep blogging on this sir!

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