My Top 20 Intrapreneurship Blog Posts of 2012

Last year I gave you my ‘Top 10 Intrapreneurship Blog Posts of 2011‘. For 2012, that list has doubled! This says it all – intraprenerial thinking is on the rise…and fast! Business leaders and commentators are switching onto the fact that intrapreneurs, and more generally developing an overarching intrapreneurial culture, is key to fostering innovation, driving competitive advantage and delivering a superior customer experience. Companies including the likes of Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, DreamWorks, GE, HP, Nordstrom and Dell, to name a few, are all increasingly implementing initiatives, programmes and agendas to identify, develop and encourage intrapreneurs as they look to navigate a more competitive, dynamic and uncertain world. The articles below represent the latest observations, thinking and perspectives on the movement that is the ‘Age of the Intrapreneur’…the time is now:

1. The Seven Habits of Effective Intrapreneurs - Steve Todd,, series starting January 7

2. Will Your Company Back Your New Business Idea? - Anne Fisher, CNN Money, February 10

3. How to Innovate When You’re Not the Big Boss - John Beeson, Harvard Business Review, February 15

4. Trapped in a Big Company? What’s an Entrepreneur to Do? - Marcia Zellers, Inc., March 20

5. The Rise of the Intrapreneur - Stephan Klaschka,, March 27

6. Intrapreneurship: An Overlooked Tool for Corporate Growth - Stefan Lindegaard,, April 20

7. Robbie Bach’s Four Startup Lessons from Xbox and Zune - Todd Bishop,, May 11

8. Move Over Entrepreneurs, Here Come The Intrapreneurs - David Armano, Forbes, May 21

9. How Extremely Successful People Sell Their Ideas Internally - Paul B. Brown, Forbes, July 22

10. DreamWorks is Believer in Every Employee’s Creativity - Anita Bruzzese Gannette,, July 23

11. How Big Companies Are Becoming Entrepreneurial - Dan Schawbel, TechCrunch, July 29

12. Is Your Company Intrapreneur Friendly? - Ray Hiltz,, August 8

13. 5 Ways to Apply Entrepreneurship Principles to Any Career - Doreen Bloch,, August 9

14. The Intrapreneur: The Unsung Hero of Our Industries? - Saint John Walker,, August 11

15. The Myth of the ‘Entrepreneurial Employee’ - Katherine Reynolds Lewis, CNN Money, August 13

16. The New Corporate Garage - Scott D. Anthony, Harvard Business Review, September

17. How a Behemoth Like Nordstrom Learned to Act Like a Startup - Eric Ries, LinkedIn, October 2

18. The Intrapreneur’s Playbook - Niko Karvounis, Fast Company, October 31

19. Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere: Here’s How We Tap Their Spirit and Act Like a Lean Startup - Beth Comstock, LinkedIn, December 10

20. A New Era Begins – Intrapreneurship – Susan Foley,, December 18

You can also check out my personal commentary and thinking on intrapreneurship in the following posts:

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